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All scarlet in chains products are made by hand in England, using high quality chains supplied by a traditional English chain maker. We aim to provide high quality, stylish restraints without sacrificing functionality.

"Our products have been tested for functionality and durability they can withstand a weight of 20st based upon a 4 point restraint ankles and wrists. We recommend any customer over 18st or those above average strength such as body builders go for our heavier gage chain available upon request for the best experience of our products. If you are unsure if you need our heavier duty chain please contact us to discuss your needs.

We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage to your items from washing or cleaning them. Our recommended cleaning practice is viewable in our FAQ.

Over time finish on items may dull as with any coated item, to preserve the finish of your item we recommend cleaning sweat off items after use when possible, to avoid the use of alcohol based products on our items such as perfume, body sprays etc.

Our non coloured chain may be polished up to a shine again using metal polish such as Brasso this is to be done entirely at buyers own risk we will accept no responsibility for damage during cleaning. We do not recommend using polishing or cleaning solution on the colour chain or padlocks as this may damage the finish off them.

Should you damage items during cleaning please contact us for our repairing services or advice.


All scarlet in chains products are designed for non suspension restraint purposes only.

All products should only be used for restraint purpose on consenting adults over 18, we except no responsibility for damage to property during use of any of our products or injury caused by use or misuse of our products.

We only recommend our products be used on adults with no health conditions that may be aggravated by restraints or in a manner that will not cause injury.

It is the responsibility of the user to check that the person/s restrained by our products is restrained safely to a suitable and stable surface or item.

In the unlikely circumstance items become damaged in anyway discontinue use and contact us. Providing no misuse has occurred we will provide a free repair or replacement.

Our items are designed for external use only.

If you are unsure in any way how to safely use our products please read our how to guide on our website or email us with any questions you may have.

In the interest off staff safety and hygiene we ask you contact us before hand if you wish to return an item that has been used on gentians, anus or has come into contact with bodily fluids.

Returns policy

We are always here to help our customers so if you have any questions or problems with your order please contact us and everything possible will be done to help you.

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase e.g. item needs size alterations or the unlikely event that the purchase breaks etc. Please contact us and we will arrange for alterations ,replacement or refund appropriate to the situation.

In accordance with ETSYs policies you must contact us before returning an item. When returning items to us we request customers use tracked postage and appropriate packaging.

During the return you are responsible for making sure the item reaches us undamaged. We will not replace or refund, returned items lost in the post during a return. Items Damaged during a return will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

We recommend if possible reusing the bubble padded envelope we send out orders in for returns, using tape to secure the envelope flap. If that is not an option please use a similar bubble envelope to protect your item from loss or damage during post.

Customers from outside the UK MUST fill out their customs declaration with "RETURNED GOODS". Otherwise we will be charged customs duty on your return, we will not reship your item without you paying the customs charge and our admin fee for dealing with the charges. In the case of refund we will deduct the customs amount and our admin fee for dealing with the charges.

Our admin rate will be between Ā£3-5 depending on the complexity of paying your chosen post carrier. This covers the cost of calling premium rate numbers or credit card fees taken in order to pay your customs fees and our time dealing with it.

Resize for life

We cover all items for free resizing within reason for jewllery items this is normally limited to a maximum of 5 inches increase and unlimited shortening. For belts and other non jewllery items free resize will under normal circumstances be a maximum of 7" increase and unlimited shortening.

Resizing and alterations are not covered if the item has been altered from its original design or has been misused e.g. used for suspension.

The buyer is responsible for all postage and customs costs during resizing. As we will happily resize any of our items at any point after purchase as long as the chain used to create the item is still available to us.

If you do not supply your size/colour information with your order we will contact you to request it via Etsy message. If we receive no response before our shipping deadline we will then send a delayed dispatch notification explaining we need your size/colour information we will delay the order for a month. We will then ship the order as soon as the details are supplied.

If we get no response within a month your order will be shipped as a standard size and in the case of colour choice missing you will receive the colour used for the items main image. We will include a note explaining this with the order and details of our resize for life policy if you require alterations or a colour change these will be carried out free of charge but all postage costs involved will be the responsibility of the buyer.

The buyer takes all responsibility for return postage and any customs charges incurred as we will not replace or refund lost or damaged in the post items returned to us. So we recommend packaging returns in the same style packaging they were sent in and to use tracked postage where possible.

We reserve the right to change or add to these terms and conditions at any time.

Thank you for spending the time to read this.
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We hope you enjoy your purchase and it brings you hours of fun and pleasure. Lots of love

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